Mailman Joe


Mailman Joe (literacy booklet)

Paperback $3.95/or $1.50 each with a min. of 20 copies.
ISBN 978-1889910-499



The third in a series of beautifully illustrated stories in rhyme.  Matthew once again incorporates dozens of related English and Spanish words while entertaining readers of ages 6 and up.  Follow the faithful, food loving mailman as he walks his route out west.  Children and even older readers find the ending hilarious.  Meanwhile, they gain exposure to challenging vocabulary which English and Spanish speakers quickly recognize in the other language such as devour/devorar; contemplate/contemplar, locomotive/locomotora. A fun, short read to be enjoyed as a family or in class.  Suggested topics for discussion and a mix and match word activity included in the afterward.

New! Written by Matthew Gollub.  Illustrated by Judy Love.


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