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The be-boppin’ fly and his band are back! Now performing on an international cruise ship, they turn French and Spanish words into catchy jazz chants. Termites can’t resist joining in, adding their trumpet, guitar and Afro-Cuban drumming. But when the lovesick Captain Cockroach leaves the helm, the luxury liner veers off course. The band plays Caribbean jazz to quell the panic. But how will the plucky musicians respond after a thunderstorm separates them and casts them adrift?

For the fly’s teeming fans and new readers alike, an extraordinary voyage of language and rhythm awaits.

Critical Acclaim:

Benjamin Franklin Award Winner (Children’s Picture Books, Ages 4-7) and Winner of TWO 1st place Purple Dragonfly Book Awards (“Arts & Music” category and “Picture Books for 6 and Older”) 

“The inclusion of Spanish and French is seamless, especially when pronounced by Gollub and the other performers. Hanke’s bright, eye-catching illustrations are sure child pleasers…A sure hit for jazz fans who like to dance along with their read-alouds.”  – Kirkus Reviews

“A delightful multimedia showcase. Highly recommended.”  – Midwest Book Review

“Between its colorful, dynamic illustrations and clever linguistic elements, Jazz Fly 3 is truly magnifique.” – Foreword Reviews

“Every now and again, we fall innocently into a picture book that really has it all. Motion, color, rhythm, education, imagination, and boundless energy. And then we read it again. And again. And then yet again with the soundtrack. Jazz Fly 3 is an amazing, multi-leveled, bilinguistically delicious party.” Story Monsters Ink

“Jazz Fly 3 is fun AND educational. While the kids are dancing around the room to be-bop jazz, reggae and cha-cha-chá, they are learning easy words in French and Spanish. And because the book’s characters are good to each other, they are also learning about kindness. These Jazz Fly books are a hit!”                                                                                                                                                        – Rebecca Kochenderfer, Co-Founder, Homeschool.com

The Story Begins:

Zappity-zip. A cruising ship.

The tropical sun blazed hot on deck,

so the Jazz Bugs grooved

in the ballroom below.

WA-buh-doo buh DEE,


Damselflies had flitted aboard.

Cockroaches feasted at the smorgasbord.

Insects from all the Caribbean Isles

Traded fancy words as they cruised for miles:

¡Fabuloso! Fantastique!

Bonjour. Cómo te va? Un, deux, trois!


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