5 maneras divertidas de hacer que su niño lea para siempre


5 maneras divertidas de hacer que su niño lea para siempre

Paperback 8-page literacy booklet for parents

$2.95 / U.S.A.  or $1.50 each with a minimum of 20.

Written by Matthew Gollub; Illustrated by Larry Nolte

Full color. Published by Tortuga Press



These colorfully illustrated 8-page booklets contain simple but powerful ideas to encourage reading at home. They are available to schools and literacy organizations for just $1.50 each with a min. of 20 copies. Over 30,000 copies sold already!

The Story Begins:

The ideas are based on countless family literacy workshops conducted around the U.S. by author-speaker Matthew Gollub. Show Your Child that Reading is Fun….Show Your Child that Reading is Useful….Visit the Library Often — It’s free. These and other literacy practices are described through attractive art-driven text. Humorous comic strips of real life scenarios suggest how to put each tip to use.

Here’s What School and Library Administrators Appreciate Most About the Booklets:

• Easily digested in one reading or school meeting
• Speaks to parents of many backgrounds
• Multicultural representation
• Spanish version not just translated but modified to better resonate with Spanish speakers

Single booklets retail for $2.95, but are just $1.50 each with a min. of 20 copies. Spanish and English copies may be combined to reach the bulk order minimum of 50. Some schools buy 500-600 copies to send home with every student. Other schools distribute the booklets at parent meetings, or to incoming kindergarten families each year. Still other schools use Title I funds to provide the booklets to those most in need.

Here’s a Short List of Organizations That Have Distributed “5 Maneras… ” in Bulk:

–San Jose Public Library

–Los Angeles Unified School District

–Los Angeles County Office of Education

–Sonoma County Office of Education

–Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Migrant Education Program

–San Joaquin County Office of Education

–Coalinga-Huron Unified School District

If you wish to invite bilingual author-speaker Matthew Gollub to come and present the tips in person, please inquire about fees and availability.Contact Matthew here. Gollub is based in the Bay Area of California. When he travels for family literacy events, he also speaks at elementary schools and conferences.


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