Michael’s Soccer Triumph


Michael’s Soccer Triumph 

Paperback literacy booklet for age 6 to grown-ups

$3.95 /U.S.A. or $2.00 each for a  minimum of 20 ISBN  978-1889910-482




Following the success of Imagination Nation, Matthew has produced another dazzling story in rhyme that incorporates dozens of English-Spanish cognates.  Readers ages 6 through grown-ups will enjoy this story of the “the little soccer player who could”.  They will also gain exposure to sophisticated and challenging vocabulary while learning to spot English/Spanish connections: verdant/verde; conduct/conducir; commence/comenzar. Such vocabulary may be advanced in English, but the Spanish equivalents are used in everyday conversation. Spanish speakers especially will soak up English vocabulary with ease.  Great for reading as a family and in class.  Suggested topics for discussion and a mix and match word activity included in the afterward.


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