The Moon Was at a Fiesta


The Moon Was at a Fiesta

Written by Matthew Gollub
Illustrated by Leovigildo Martínez

Paperback $6.95  ISBN: 1-889910-13-9
Hardback $16.95 ISBN: 978-1889910-116


Ages 4-8. Full color. 32 pages.
Published by Tortuga Press


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Jealous of the sun, the moon creates her own fiesta but celebrates a bit too much. An enchanting story that explains why the moon is sometimes out during the day.

Awards and Distinctions

California Department of Education Suggested Reading Title

Artwork honored by the Society of Illustrators

Paintings and text displayed in over 20 museums nationwide

The Story Begins

“For hundreds of years, the sun and the moon stayed in their separate skies. It was the sun’s job to shine all day long while people went about their work. It was the moon’s job to watch over people’s dreams.

Both were happy with this arrangement until the night the moon overheard the stars gossip.

Some stars wished they could come out with the sun. ‘All the games and feasts,’ they said, ‘take place under the sun’s brilliant rays. And those are the times when people wear their most colorful clothes.’”

What Others Say

“The story is perfect for reading aloud.” – School Library Journal

“A splendid marriage of words to pictures,” – Children’s Book Reviews

“Cultural charm resonates throughout.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“The vigorous mixed-media paintings are a delight.” – Booklist


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