Super Grandpa (hardbook cover with audio CD and free download; paperback book)


Super Grandpa

Hardcover book with audio CD, $18.95 ISBN: 978-1889910-338

Paperback book, $6.95  ISBN: 978-1889910-345

Written and performed by David M. Schwartz, Illustrated by Bert Dodson

Ages 4-10. 32 pages. Full color

Published by Tortuga Press



Gustaf Håkansson was sixty-six years old. In 1951, he was barred from joining the Tour of Sweden due to his age. He participated unofficially, riding his bicycle over 1,000 miles and, to the delight of his countrymen, finished first

David Schwartz calls him Super Grandpa and brings his historic bike ride to life. Schwartz’s zesty narration, enhanced by sound effects and Swedish fiddle music, will captivate listeners ages 4 and up. Older audiences too will cherish this story of a figure who shattered stereotypes about the elderly and inspired generations to pursue their dreams.

Awards and Distinctions:

Film Advisory Board Award for Excellence

Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People

Smithsonian’s Notable Books for Children

Junior Library Guild Selection (Spanish edition)


What Others Say:

“This title will be especially appropriate for intergenerational audiences, and is a good reminder that we all have dreams, regardless of age. The CD includes a fine rendition of a Swedish waltz. This timeless, meaningful tales will delight listeners and should be considered an essential purchase.” — School Library Journal, June, 2005

“Schwartz brings out the story’s inherent drama, nicely enhanced in Dodson’s watercolors, where the white-bearded biker is affectionately characterized and his setting carefully evoked.”  Kirkus Reviews

“A classic children’s book…should pedal its way onto the bookshelves of both grandparents and grandchildren.”  UPI Arts & Entertainment

“Supergrandpa shattered stereotypes of the elderly and showed people how to make dreams come true, and this is the spirit of the book. Dodson’s watercolors in double-page spreads capture the event, spurring the reader to root for the old guy, a man who certainly earned his folk-hero status.”   Booklist

“Schwartz, the author of the popular How Much Is a Million? , is witty and deft. The watercolors are the next best thing to a week in the Scandinavian countryside and a bowl of lingonberries.” — Smithsonian Notable Books for Children Junior Library Guild Selection (Spanish edition w/ CD)

“The audio CD is a model of just what a recorded children’s book should be.” — Daniel L. Darigan, Professor of Education, West Chester University 


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