Gobble, Quack, Moon (Audio Only)


Gobble, Quack, Moon
Audio download

Written and Performed by Matthew Gollub
Illustrated by Judy Love

Ages 3-8.
Published by Tortuga Press





Following The Jazz Fly, his award-winning musical book with audio CD, Matthew Gollub created another book to make you move. Here he combines rhythmic storytelling with the beautiful illustrations of Judy Love. Hear blues, waltzes and rock ‘n roll as barn animals cheer up Katie the Cow by staging a ballet dance party on the moon.

Awards and Distinctions

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARD for children’s book/audio book

Children’s Book Sense 76

Critical Acclaim

“Gobble, Quack, Moon is a rousing and entertaining children’s picture book with an accompanying audio CD of author Matthew Gollub’s performance with toe-tapping background music. A whimsical story about a group of farm animals who reach for the stars and have fun dancing on the moon, Gobble, Quack, Moon is embellished by its freewheeling puns, playful attitude, and exuberant full-color artwork by Judy Love. Gobble, Quack, Moon is an engaging, enthusiastically recommended read-along experience for young readers ages 2 to 8, by itself or in tangent with the audio CD.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Gr. K-2. When Katie the cow sets her heart on donning a tutu and dancing in space, all the barnyard animals pitch in to build a rocket ship and transport themselves to the moon. They lark about amid the craters for a while, playing games and dancing such classic numbers as the Watusi and the Mashed Potato, then the whole jovial crew returns to Earth. The rhyming text bounces along agreeably, expanded by the good-humored ink drawings, brightened with watercolor washes. Packaged in a plastic sleeve and attached to the front-cover endpapers is a CD that offers Gollub reading the story aloud with a spirited musical accompaniment.”

“Utterly fantastic…The music makes it even more fun. A great book for the little kid in everyone.”
—Children’s Book Sense 76

“Gollub’s rhyming text exudes a buoyant energy…His no-place-like-home and grass-is-always-greener themes will surely ring familiar to youngsters.”
—Publishers Weekly

The Story Begins

There was a little barn that smelled of fresh milled grain
where the sun poked through after days of rain.
So out skipped four friends two by two with a
gobble-gobble, quack, hee-haw, moo-moo!

Gobble-gobble moo, gobble-gobble haw quack.
Moo quack-a quack-a moo. Just like that.

The green grass sparkled in the golden sun.
Splashing in the puddles sure looked fun.
The turkey jumped first. Then he hollered, “Let’s race.”
But Katie the cow gazed off in space.


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